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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ (Click on each question to read the answers)

1. How to join a course?

  1. Press “Login" button on the top right corner of the site, press “Create an account" option

2. Give the details and then press “Register" button.

3. Come back to this course page and press “Add to Cart" button.

4. It will take you to Cart Page. Press “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT" button.

5.  Now fill up the application form. For Payments from India, please use Razorpay Gateway. You can use Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, UPI Address (Google Pay)/QR Code, ePayLater and PayLater (ICICI). For international payments, please use Credit Card Option from Stripe. Press “PLACE ORDER" button and pay the full fee.

6. Though to run videos mobile data is enough, to register you may need fibernet/broadband/High Speed 4G Mobile Data as it moves to different servers. If you need any assistance in registering, please use the whatsapp popup available in the website or ping to +91 9840924035 via whatsapp.

If you are not able to register because of network issues or you do not want to use Payment Gateways, You may transfer money to proprietor’s bank account via IMPS/NEFT/UPI and he would create you a log in id and password. Later you can change the password. Please chat with the facilitator and get his bank account details.

7. Once the registration and payment are done, within few minutes you will receive an email to the given email id automatically . After receiving the email, please go back to Course page, and press “Start Course" button and start watching videos.

8. Please send whatsapp text +91 9840932405. You will be added to a whatsapp group to get further communication on contact classes and viva. 

2. How to start the course?

1. Once you complete the registration, login using the your email id and password by clicking the “LOGIN" Button Shown in Blue Color on the top right corner of the screen. If the button is not shown and your registered name with a WELCOME is shown, please skip this step.

2. Go to “COURSE" Page which is shown as the 3rd Option from the left and click on “Start Course" button shown in Green Color.

3. It will take you inside the course. Please read the instructions carefully and start watching videos.

3. Is it a recognized course? Is it affiliated to any university? Is the certificate valid?

Yes, it is a recognized course. Chennai Counseling Services is registered under Small Scales Industries Act. As per the laws of India, any registered organization can conduct Skill Development Diploma and Certificate Courses and NO affiliation with University is required. (Only for Degree Courses, affiliation with a university is required). Thus your certificate is valid. Certificate will have the Govt. of India Registration Number of Chennai Counseling Services which is a proof that your certificate is valid.

If affiliation is obtained, the fee would increase because the international bodies would charge affiliation fee in Dollars or Euros or Pounds which would affect the affordability of participants. In case of University affiliation, affiliation fee would be extra and updating curriculum according to the trends will be a challenge. Therefore it was decided not to get affiliation from any other body and focus on skill development.

Skills are more important than affiliation and participants deserve the opportunity to improve their skills within an affordable cost.

So the courses offered are autonomous ones. The parallel can be brought from computer institutes like NIIT or CSC offering Skill Development & Non Formal/Non Academic Diploma Courses which are NOT affiliated to any University.


4. Does it assure a job for me?/Do you provide placement after this course?/I am a fresher and I don’t have experience, who will give me job?

I will inform you whenever I come to know about job opportunities through WhatsApp Alumni group. If you are interested in the opportunity and eligible as per the employer’s requirements, you can apply and appear for the interview. Through the information given by the academy, participants have attended interviews and placed in organizations like Prime India, Apollo Life and Take Help.

Actually our focus is to empower you to give proposals to institutions and go as a consultant counselor and/or practice as an independent counsellor in your own private practice.

Experience may be required to give advice or suggestion and NOT counseling. Expertise in Counselling will fetch you the job. During interview, if you are asked “You don’t have experience, how can we believe you will give good counselling?”, your answer can be “Experience is not equal to expertise. I have enough skills in Counselling. I am ready to do counselling in front of you if you can give me a client”. Sometimes you need to psycho-educate the employers on the difference between advice and counselling. CCS believes in empowering you to get the expertise and skills in Counselling.

5. I want to visit the place and enquire in person. When to come?

I work based on appointments only. Please send SMS/WhatsApp message to 9840924035 well in advance. A mutually convenient time will be fixed for meeting.

6. If I complete the course, will I get the license to practice as a counselor?

Right now in India, there is NO licensing body for counsellors. However ethically if you are trained well through a course, you may practice.  Please note that some organizations/ institutions ask for such a Degree in Psychology to employ counselors. In that case, you may do a Post Graduation  Psychology / Counselling from universities like IGNOU or University of Madras in Distance Mode. CCS Academy provides coaching for the university courses and you may take it up.

Note: Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) is the licensing body for Special Educators, Clinical Psychologists, Rehabilitation Psychologists and few other professionals who work with disabled population and NOT FOR COUNSELORS as they do NOT work on “REHABILITATION” and actually work with normal population who have day- today issues.

No RCI registration needed for psychologists/Counsellors unless they are specifically clinical psychologists or rehabilitation psychologists or rehabilitation counselors who work with mentally and physically disabled .

“Further, it is to inform you that disability rehabilitation includes continuum of services like prevention, early identification, early intervention and inclusion of persons with disabilities including persons with mental illness. As informed earlier, clinical psychologists, rehabilitation psychologists and vocational counsellors are among the 16 categories of professionals allocated under the RCI Act. However, school psychologists and educational counselors working for non-disabled persons are beyond the purview of the Council. Similarly, sports psychologists, industrial psychologists, para psychologists, experimental psychologists etc. are also not covered under the RCI Act and therefore do not require registration with RCI. The RCI Act, 1992 & RCI (Amendment) Act, 2000, list of recognized universities/institutions, approved training programmes and other details are available on the RCI website” – Excerpt from RTI Response by RCI.

Source: RTI Response from RCI in 2011 (Full RTI Response Letter is given below.)

RCI RTI Response

7. What is meant by Group Contact Classes/ One-on-One Contact class?

Contact classes are given to clarify all your doubts and to observe the live counseling sessions. There will be 4 contact classes for each batch on Saturdays (Exact dates are available in the course page itself). Timing will be 10.30 AM to 12.30 PM. Participants have to watch the videos and read the material of the allotted topics for each contact class and use the session only to clarify your doubts. It will happen via Google Meet. Invitation Link to join the session will be sent at 10.15 AM on the days in Whatsapp group. The classes are not compulsory.

One-on-One Contact Class via Whatsapp Video Call/Google Meet can ne requested for 1 hour after watching all the videos to clarify doubts personally. You can check with the facilitator through whatsapp text and fix a mutually convenient time. It is also not compulsory.

8. Will there be refund if I do not start the course?

No, please use your discretion before joining the course. Kindly read

10. When will the certificate be given?

Certificate will be sent via Whatsapp maximum within 3 business days from the date of viva. Participants should download it right away and transfer it to their mail or Google Drive or Dropbox as whatsapp will not keep it forever if not downloaded. 

If you miss the certificate and request us to resend it, you will have to pay Rs. 100 as the  processing fee.

11. When will the course materials be given?

Course material is available inside the course itself as lessons. A PDF of the full course material can be downloaded from the instructions page of the course. You will be able to view all of them once you register for the course. 

12. Is there any age limit for the courses?

Anyone above 18 years can learn. Otherwise no upper age limit.

13. In what way, your course will be useful for me?

This is highly subjective. You may go through the google reviews given for Chennai Counseling Services & CCS Academy and use your discretion to join the course. Google review can be read from: 

15. I have already studied all the topics given here in my college or in some other course. Why should I enroll?

This is a skill development course. Though you have “studied" all the topics, did you “learn" the skills required? – is a question. If your answer is “no" or “not that much", you may enroll in the course and learn the skills.

Counselling is an art. So it is not going to be the same training though the topics are the same or similar. Here the Counselor would show how to put whatever you have studied in college or some other course to practice counselling. You may visit the google reviews to understand the experience of participants who have already studied the topics in their colleges. Google reviews can be read from

16. Why are you asking us to whatsapp first and then call?

Since the facilitator is the only person in the organization and responds for all your queries, he requests you to first whatsapp so that he can respond whenever he is available. Most of the time, he would not be able to attend the calls as he would be in a counseling session or class. It is unethical to attend calls during a counseling session or class unless it is emergency.

For almost all of your queries, the answers are given here in this FAQ page. 

17. In what way you would support me after the completion of the course?

After completing the course, you can opt to join the Alumni Whatsapp group and be in touch with the facilitator. In the group, various job opportunities, information about specialized trainings and Supervision meetings will be posted.

Supervision meetings happen final Saturday of every month from 4.30 PM to 6.30 PM with a nominal charge of Rs. 150/-. You can attend supervision meeting only if you have completed Online Certification/Diploma/PG Diploma from CCS Academy. Full details of the supervision meeting is available here

18. Why do you give only 3 months (90 Days) access for the course?

The currently used server can get overloaded if we give access for more than 3 months (90 days). The speed of the site may also come down. Right now, we are not able to afford a server which can take much more load. If we hire such a server, we will let you know through whatsapp group. 

19. How effective is this online course while comparing with in-person training?

We have taken the video sessions in the class room set up using high resolution camera and sound system with close shots of the facilitator. We have also given the text material in a simple format along with the videos. The material is also given in PDF Format. We have tried our best to match with the in-person training.

Eight Hours group contact classes and 1 hour One-on-One session are given to bridge the gap between in-person training and online video based training. Though they are optional, we request all the participants to attend the group contact class in the given dates and one-on-one contact class. 

This online programme is to help people who cannot come for our in-person training programmes because of the their tight work schedules or being in some other city.

20. The video is not loading properly/It buffers often, What to do?

There may be various reasons behind it.

It can be something related to the device.Please clear all browsing data in your browser by going to history options. Please close all other applications on your device/pages on your browser and run only this course page and see whether the video playing is alright. Otherwise please use a mobile phone. Please close all other apps and try. Generally mobile/tablet is better to run the course.

It can be a network issue. So please reset your internet connection once and see whether it is working fine and reduce the resolution of the video in the settings option. You can reduce it even upto 180 Pixels. 

It can be an issue with the server, please log out and log in then see.

If you are using mobile data, please see the following things.

1. Go to Google and type “Internet speed test". It will show a button “Run Speed Test". Click on it and run it and take the screen shot. Go to at least 3 locations of your house and test where the uploading and downloading speed is better and choose to sit in that place. Usually open space or near window has better data connection.

2. Close all other apps and keep only Google chrome/browser app with the course screen open. Other apps such as fb or Twitter can consume more data. Background data consumption should also be disabled for all other apps. Pl read this article fully. It can give you good tips

3. If you have 2 sim cards, check which ones internet speed is better and which ones data per day is better and make it as SIM no 1 or go to settings and allow data connection through that specific sim card.

4.Pl monitor the mobile data usage and decide whether to purchase extra GBs.

If you do all of the above and still you find issues, please contact us via whatsapp chat option available on the screen or send email to We will address your issue within 1 business day.

21. How to upgrade this certification to Diploma?

If many are interested to upgrade from certification course to Diploma, an extension course will be organized for 3 full days/18 hrs through Google Meet where the participants would do counseling sessions under the supervision of the facilitator. By attending that programme, one can upgrade the Certification to Diploma. 

Pl visit

22. Don't you have online live and direct courses? How is it different from this video based course?

We have live online courses and direct courses also. Please visit –> CCS Academy Menu for the details of the course

Video based Certification course: 
1. Has 13 hours of pre-recorded video lessons with reading materials on 35 topics. 8 Hours of optional contact classes and 1 hour one-on-one contact class are also there.

2. The course is available 24/7. So there is no time restrictions. Whenever you get free time, you can watch the videos in your within 3 months (90 days) and attend the 4 group contact classes (each for 2 hrs) on the given days and one on one contact class for 1 hour through Google Meet.

3. If you are working from home or working during all the weekdays or occupied in something like taking care of kids for full day and you cannot attend live online or in-person training, you can choose this course.

4. The title of video based course will be certification

Live Online Courses:

1.  Is just like in-person/direct training however conducted through Google Meet. There are 38 topics covered in this course.

2. There is a specific timing and date for the training. 70% attendance is required.

3. If you want lots of lively interactions with the facilitator and fellow participants just like the in person training, you can choose this course. That’s the reason behind CCS Acdemy choosing Google Meet and not Skype. Google Meet brings the experience of real live class through screen sharing and many more features. Many schools all over the world have taken Google Meet to teach during the corona virus situation. 

4. Live online courses will be titled as Diploma or PG Diploma based on the number of hours

23. I am not able to login to the site in my device such as Laptop/PC. What to do?

Please clear browsing data from your browser completely and use CCleaner to clear the cache. After that, please try to login using user name and password. Even after that, you have any difficulty, please download AnyDesk software and contact us. Our technical team will assist you to login.

24. When will Viva happen?

Viva should be attended by the participant in the given date for each batch. If missed due to unavoidable circumstances, they have to attend on the viva day of some other certification/diploma batch. In any case, viva should be attended before 30 days from the expiry of the course.

It will happen via Whatsapp video call/google meet.

25. Can I join the course any time I want?

Yes, you can join any time. However the courses are run in batches. Hence you will be added to a batch which is going to start sooner from the date of registration. So that you can attend contact classes and viva given for the batch.

26. Are you really credible?/ Will Payments be secure?

We understand there are some fake organizations you might have come across and so getting doubtful about is normal,.

You may consider the following to confirm our credibility.

  1. Our Registration number with Ministry of Small & Medium Scale Enterprises, Govt. of India is “TN02D0050529" You can check the registration Number in Udhyog Aadhar Website –
  2. Google Page: Go to or Open Google Maps app in your mobile phone and search for “Chennai Counseling Services/CCS Academy". Regularly we update posts, photos and get new reviews. (If you think all are fake/paid reviews, we can’t help it.)
  3. Practo Page: The counselor is registered in Practo platform and uses the platform to give counseling appointments. Practo checks the educational certificates and association memberships while registering. You may go to, select Chennai as the location and search for “Chennai Counseling Services" or “Karthik Lakshmanan, Counselling Psychologist" and check the profile and reviews given by the verified clients.
  4. Payment part is fully taken care by Razorpay Payment Gateway for Indian Transactions and Stripe Gateway for International Transactions. Both are trustworthy gateways. Your payment data is processed in their websites. In case of any issues in the payment, you can contact their 24/7 customer care also.
  5. Moreover ours is a secure website with “https". You can click on the lock symbol of the address bar and check the full details of our SSL Certificate which proves that the data you give in this site is encrypted and secure.

Finally on the first contact class only, when you see the facilitator and fellow participants, you can come to get the real picture of us. We request you to wait for that day.

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